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Hey Success Magnets! Sagittarius Season is upon us!

Sagittarius season rules from November 21 to December 21. It is the 9th sign of the zodiac constellation. 

Sagittarius is a fire sign and the characteristics are defined as a fiery, free-spirit, who loves adventure and trying new things.

Sagittarius is symbolized as the archer.

"Along with Aries and Leo, Sagittarius is a part of the Fire Trigon as well as the last of the reproductive trinity. It also follows Gemini and Virgo as third of the mutable signs, which are the signs that feature changeable quality.

The image of the sign says much about its features: he is able to be extremely violent or wise, brave or mild.

As an archer, Sagittarius is said never to fail in hitting the mark and this depiction alludes to the power of prophecy, hence, the claim that seers and prophets are born in this sign." (Source: Wikipedia)

Sagittarius season is a great time to get your action plans ready for go time.

Being ruled by Jupiter, the planet of Luck, Sagittarius season is a great time to focus on getting prepared to take action on your plans.

This is a very favorable time to take a chance on an idea or a dream you have.

A piece of advice is think through your plans and actions. As a free-spirit, a Sagittarius can end up feeling trapped in a situation that at first seemed very passionate or exciting.

Sagittarius season is about making concrete plans and thinking things through in order to take action that will benefit you in the future.



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