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Hey Success Magnets! 

Today we have a New Moon in Taurus!

New Moons are great for setting out intentions for that which you want to draw in. New Moons generally happen in the middle of the month and they are great time to get clear about what you want to attract for the month coming. 

I call New Moons the mid-month check in to set goals for the month coming up. 

With the new moon in Taurus this provides grounded, practical energy to get clear on what we want and achieve our manifestations step by step.

"Every year, Taurus season presents a hefty dose of grounded energy you can use to create slow, steady, rock solid movement on big-picture goals. At the same time, it falls in the middle of rejuvenating springtime, which tends to inspire fresh starts and encourage growth. All of those themes are at play as we approach May 2021's new moon in Taurus." (

So whether you are wanting to manifest a new job, a new relationship, new car, new business, or new home this is a great time to get clear about that and set your intentions.

New moons are a great time to make moon water. Which is really simple, put a jar of water outside during the new moon (overnight). Set intentions in the water. Drink a sip of the water everyday for 30 days. Until the next new moon.

This is a great time to:

-Set intentions for the upcoming month. 

-Create to-do lists and tasks to get your life organized. 

-Make your vision board.

-Feng Shui your space. (Clean the Clutter)

-Clean Your Space. 

-Organize your wallet.

-Create plans for the future.

This is also a favorable time to do: -Cleansing Rituals -Money and Client Attraction Rituals -Love Rituals




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