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Hey Success Magnets! 

Happy November

This Month we have a Full Moon in Gemini occurring on November 27. 

This is a time to let go and move on. Now, I'm not saying end your relationships or breakup. What I am saying is that whatever is holding you back in your life, it is time to let go and move on. Sometimes, you may be what is holding you back. I know we all may feel like we are perfect and everyone else must be the problem, but sometimes we may be the problem. (Bear Hug...)

If you feel it is best to leave any situation feel free, but make sure before you jump into something else, whether its a new relationship or job take time to reflect on how you may have contributed to the unhappiness you may be feeling. Self-reflection is the best reflection. Maybe we have established unhealthy patterns in our relationships, and that could be as simple as a course correct and the relationship doesn't have to necessarily end.

During the time of the Gemini full moon where emotions are hot and heavy combined with the spontaneousness of the Gemini moon we may not end up in a better circumstance. So, that's why I advise it may not be the time to end relationships.

Before making any new moves, I suggest gaining some clarity about your life path and goals, so you can make sound decisions. It is particularly important to get to the root of what is really stirring your emotions. Yes, it's time to deal with the subconscious junk that is coming to the surface disguised as emotions. 

Full Moons generally occur at the end of the month. It's a time to get clear about what you want, make space for what you want, and clear out anything or anyone that no longer serves your highest good.

Good Full Moon Activities:

-Clean your home and declutter.

-Organize your closet.

-Organize your wallet.

-Cleanse your space with sage.

-Take a salt bath.

-Charge your crystals. 

-Make Moon Water.

-Get a reading. 




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